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Hello Lovelies!


This post did not want to be written. Well, I just kept putting it off, not for nay reason what so ever, I just kept procrastinaiting.

Thankfully, it is now happening.

So, following my earlier post, every Valentine’s Day, I head over to the Gryphon Tea Room and order a delicious tea and scones. It. Is. Heavenly. Like, having a spa day or sleeping in late. It really is the most relaxing and enjoyable thing.

What is the Gryphon Tea Room, you ask? It is a day time cafe, run by SCAD and staffed with SCAD students, that serves luncheon and tea from 11-6 on week days, and 11-3 on Sunday. It is one of the most romantic spots in Savannah, in my opinion, and one of the prettiest.

The inside is set up like an old library, with shelves of books lining the walls and little nooks for you to sit in. If you ask, they will seat you in the windows, where they have special seating, kind of like a sitting area. It’s perfect for conversing with friends. If you’re alone, you can request to sit at the bar or at one of the cute tables outside, if the weather is fine.

Last year, they served a special Valentines tea menu, with a chocolate tea and cherry scones. Very delicious. And this year, was vanilla chia and blueberry scones. The week before Valentine’s, ¬†when I took these pictures, they were serving ginger scones and I wanted to take them all home. That was the best scone ever!

So, the moral of this story is, if you are ever in Savannah and you are stumped on where to go first, head to the Gryphon. It’s so perfect for just relaxing and enjoying a quiet cup of tea, or ordering an entire meal, including dessert.

Be sure to check them out and leave a comment on my Instagram post for this blog post if you’ve already visited and love it!

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