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If there’s one thing I hate worse than springtime allergies, it’s shopping. And I don’t mean the act of buying something. I mean going to a store, searching high and low, trying on numerous outfits, searching some more, trying some more, and finally finding one thing you like and buying it.

My mom and sister can out shop anyone. I, on the other hand, would rather deep fat fry my face than search through store after store. Online shopping is my absolute best friend in the whole world.

But what if there was an even simpler solution to shopping? I mean, online is really great, but there is always the chance that whatever you bought might not fit, and then you have to return it.

Enter Hanger To Home.

  Hanger to Home is a mail-order shopping trip. It’s so simple.
  First, you head over to their website and fill out a questionnaire for you measurements, what type of styles you like and don’t, favorite colors, what you like to spend on certain pieces, and how often you would like to receive a box.
  Then, your personal stylist fills a box with 15 items that go along with your likes from the questionnaire and mails it out to you. You have three days to try everything on and then you simply mail back what you don’t want.
  And, one of the best perks is that for your first box, your styling fee is waived. Simply put, if you look through the box and see that you don’t like anything, you can return it at no charge whatsoever. You can’t beat that.
  I was so excited to try out this company. And I was so thrilled with my box. My stylist picked out the perfect items. It was so hard narrowing down my choices. I really wanted to keep everything. In the end, I chose to keep three of the items.
  Here is a review of everything in the box. ( Keep scrolling to see how I styled my favorite pieces. )
  LOVERICHE Plum and Plaid Top: Size Small  $48
  This top literally called my name the minute I saw it. The rich, deep color and the pop of plaid peeking out of the bottom completely sold me on it. It also fit really well across the shoulders, so that was another plus in it’s favor.
  Verdict: Keep



FATE Black Sweater: Size Small  $58

This sweater was super interesting in it’s make. The scooped hem line and unique weave made a beautiful fashion statement. Unfortunately, the neckline was a little bit too big for comfort and the sleeves were a little too long.

Verdict: Return


EVERLY Royal Blue Top: Size Small  $38

This top is so whimsical. The back especially caught my eye. However, the shoulders were a little too wide, which made the top look sloppy on me.

Verdict: Return


HAUTE HANGER White Tank: Size Small  $38

This top was really cute and nicely loose fitting. I really thought about keeping this one, but in the end, I ruled it out, seeing as how fall is coming and this was more of a summer top. Also, the under arms were a little big.

Verdict: Return


SKIES ARE BLUE Black and Grey Striped Top: Size Small  $44

All of you know how much I love stripes, so when I saw this piece, I loved it. I mean, does it get any better than stripes and grey? However, the top ran a little large all over, so I opted to return it.

Verdict: Return


Grey Fringe Scarf: $30

This was another piece I deliberated over. It would be super practical for fall and winter and would go with everything, but for the type material it was, the price was a little high.

Verdict: Return

FATE Oatmeal Sweater: Size Small  $68

This sweater had me at hello. It’s so soft and perfect for dressing up or down and can be worn with everything. I’ve been searching is vain for a neutral sweater this, so it was like they read my mind.

Verdict: Keep


Long Gold Necklace With Stone:  $18

This piece is beautiful and my favorite color, but I generally don’t spend quite that much on jewelry. However, the piece was very made and very good quality.

Verdict: Return

Long Gold Necklace With Pink Stone:  $28

This piece also was extremely pretty, but a little out of my price range.

Verdict: Return

Statement Necklace:  $32

This piece was very interesting, but not exactly to my taste.

Verdict: Return

Grey And Cream Bead Statement Necklace:  $32

Another interesting necklace, but not really my style.

Verdict: Return

Gold And Blue Dangle Earrings:  $18

These were so pretty on and I really wanted to keep them, but I don’t ever wear dangly earrings, so I decided to send them back.

Verdict: Return

Black, Grey, And Blue Print Scarf:  $38

Blanket scarves are huge right now, so when I pulled this beauty out of the box, I was pretty excited. Not only was it a blanket, but it had all of my favorite colors in it. Such a versatile piece is now apart of my wardrobe home.

Verdict: Keep

JUST BLACK Skinny Denim: Size 26  $78

These were legitimately the most comfortable pair of jeans I’ve ever put on. Like, the best. Not even kidding. I really wanted to keep them, but they just aren’t in my budget range right now. It was really hard to part with them, though.

Verdict: Return


I seriously had so much fun working with Hanger to Home. My stylist was super friendly and helpful, the box was delivered right on time, and all the clothes and jewelry were excellent quality. I will definitely work with them again.

Be sure to hop on over to their website and check them out! You will not be disappointed.






Thank you so much to Hanger To Home for sponsoring this post! 

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