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Hello Lovelies!


There’s nothing like an awesome shot right after a rain storm. I feel like everything is brighter and crisper. Not really sure why.

However, when I dashed out my door to snap these photos, I was actually dodging rain storms, as they kept popping up all day. I at first thought, ‘ I’ll throw some makeup on and then head out to do grocery shopping and snap a few photos.

Yeah, no, that didn’t happen.

As soon as I looked outside and saw that the rain was falling again, I scratched the makeup idea and just went out and finished my shopping.

However, when I got home, the rain had stopped again and there was this stand of Bradford pear trees that were in full peak, and I just had to use them as a background. And since the trees were in the parking lot of a bank, there was no one around.

But, I didn’t have time to put on a full face of makeup, so I grabbed my gear and headed to the parking lot, knowing full well that I would just doctor the way I looked to camouflage the fact I was wearing no makeup.

So, here are 3 of the top blogger hacks I use all the time and believe me, they were worth it for this shoot. ( I mean, look at those trees! )

1. No makeup, no problem

When I shot these photos, I grabbed my favorite pair of tortoise shell sunglasses and stated snapping away. I knew that I could edit the photos later so my skin didn’t look sallow, but without eye makeup, I look pretty dead. So my quick fix; hide my eyes with sunglasses.

2. Hide the ugly

Behind me, about two inches to the right of each photo, is a dumpster, which would have ruined the photos if I hadn’t angled the camera to only take the trees. Being aware of your surroundings can save you a lot of angst later, when you look through your photos and realize you have a dumpster in them ( or a trash bin…we won’t talk about those photos ). I also angled myself so the fading sunlight ( which was hidden behind clouds ) would hit me full on, just to give the photos a little extra oomph.

3. Wear something worthy of photos

You never know when I photo opportunity will arise. Some people may think that bloggers plan out every photo shoot and then meticulously take the photos ( oh they do? I had no idea…must just be me who takes them on the fly, lol ). Just kidding…all bloggers, including me, plan out their shoots, but sometimes, you may want to shoot an outfit because you come across a background you can’t pass up. And believe me, there is always something you are wearing or have styled that you can share with your readers. That’s the beauty of blogging…we all have unique gifts and talents!


These are the top three blogger hacks I will use in a pinch, especially number one. Do you have any blogger hacks that are your go-tos? I would love to hear them!

PS: the spot on my shirt is rain water fron the trees. Ha! The wind kept blowing and knocking water down on my head. Anything for a great shot, am I right?!

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