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Hello Lovelies!


If there’s one closet staple that everyone should have, its a good pair of jeans. Finding a good pair of jeans is another story entirely. I have tried so many different pairs and liked some and very much disliked others, but never really found a brand that I loved.

Then one day, while on my lunch break, I wandered into the Gap and started perusing clothing racks. Well, it just so happened that they were doing a sale drawing that day; meaning, you stick your hand in the box and pull out a potential percentage off your purchase ( 20-50%  off ). I never really win things, so I wasn’t at all hopeful as I scratched the layer of grey off the top of my number.

And I couldn’t believe it. 50% off!!!

Well, you better know that I started looking around a little bit harder. There were a few things in my wardrobe that needed attention and my jenas were one of them. I picked out a few pairs and instantly fell in love with the Mid Rise Always Skinny jeans. They just fit so well! And they were super comfortable. No stiff denim here.

They also looked so good through the hips. A lot of times, jeans tend to look bunchey or wrinkled by my hips and then they look too small. There’s nothing worse then looking like you are squeezing out of jeans. They have the best silloutte.

I bought them that day and they have been my go-to denim ever since. I seriously wish I had bought two pairs. I’ve included links to my jeans and the dark wash as well below.

Click here for my jeans

Click here for dark wash

Definitely check them out! They are the best jeans.

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